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Repeating Group Style

Hi there, I just started using bubble, and I love it! :blush:

I have some questions: Is it possible to change the Scrollbar style? I can not find the options for this.

And also I want to use an external API, but I can not find the options to use them. I did all the lessons, but I don’t know how to add an API from for example.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Not sure you can change the style of scroll bar. People have hidden it behind other elements.

APIs tend to be in the plugin sections. If the one you want isn’t there, you can look to see if Blockspring already interface, and add the Blockspring plugin for that API.

Plus one on better looking HTML5 type scroll bars. The OS ones Bubble leverages while functional make applications look dated.

Don’t get me wrong, loving bubble for the small amount of time I have been using it but this is a pet peeve.

Maybe make a post in the Idea Section, these guys seem to make reasonable changes as fast as they can.

Thanks I might just do that!