Repeating group visible to one user but not others

Hi all!

I have a repeating group with information that is finally functioning wonderfully… but only for one user for some reason? When I run the app as another user (with the same setup and privacy settings, etc), the repeating group is not visible.

I ran the debugger and somehow the option set every user should be seeing with the repeating group is empty. But I’m not sure how that could be happening since I don’t have any conditionals that are specific to a singular user? How do I figure out whats happening?

So for example, here is what I see in the debugger for the users its not working for:

And here is what I see for users it is working for:

Hi there, @asahara… do you have any privacy rules in place that could be getting in the way?


Good question, that’s what I was thinking but I dont think so?

Here are my current rules for a user (there are no other data types that would interact with anything dealing with this particular repeating group)

Have you tried removing the rule just to see if that “resolves” the issue? If it does, then at least you know it’s the privacy rule, and you can go from there.

Great test! I just deleted it and it didn’t resolve anything so at least I know its not a privacy issue. Any other ideas on what it might be?

It’s just an option set that you are displaying in a repeating group? And it’s only showing up for one user?

That’s right! Is that not the way to do it?

There is nothing wrong with displaying an option set in a repeating group, and I don’t know why only one user would be able to see it. What do the setups of the option set and repeating group look like?