Repeating group vs table?

I’m having trouble with formatting repeating groups - I have difficulties getting the header and columns to line up with the data and with resizing on mobile. I just have a tough time making it look organized. Would it be better to use a repeating group or table in this case? The main thing is that I’d ideally like to have a header row. This is what it looks like as a repeating group:

What do you mean repeating group vs table? When you say table are you referring to the plugin Excel-like HandsonTable?

On an RG, the way I handle headers is by having a group in the first row that you hide. @romanmg has quite a few videos around this topic, I think this might be a place to start.

On a different level, it might be worthwhile rethinking the display of information.


I would say RepeatingGroup vs Table depends on your data and how you want to present it.
If you need some kind of custom cells (multiple lines / colors / font sizes etc in one cell, maybe buttons, Dropdowns…), then chose the Repeating group and build your table yourself.

If instead your cell data is simple, probably the best way is to choose a Table plugin.

Take a look at this one, we released it only a couple of days ago:

It’s very straightforward and simple. You can create dynamic, fully-responsive tables with built-in features like searching, sorting, pagination

And here is a demo to illustrate some features:

Contact me for any questions I’ll be happy to help :wink:

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Thanks - it doesn’t have to be fancy but it does need to contain at least 7 columns and be mobile responsive. How does your plugin work on mobile?

Hi @ramzizi ,

It was designed to be mobile responsive.

You can open our demo page from a mobile to check it in action!


Looks great! I have implemented a personal plugin with the same library. :+1:

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