Repeating group with user info

Hello everyone,

So, i would like to make the user (logs in) fill a form and when he push a button, i can display it (the form) in a repeating group just below (in a same page) (those informations has to be seen just by the user himself). So you’ll see what i’ve tried just below :



Of course … :expressionless: it doesn’t work. In each line of my repeating group, i have something like :
Line one → User 1 form
Line two → User 2 form

And it shoud be more like

Line one → user 1 form 1
Line two → user 1 form 2

So i am getting crazy for the last 3 days and if there is any top person who can help me, i would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Brice :slight_smile: