Repeating groups questions

What is the point of having a repeating group, if you’re setting the settings to display only 1 group and 1 column?

I am sure there are a few reasons people do this, but the main reason I do is for presentation purposes, when you combine it with “full list”. So if you have several groups of information on your page, and you want them spaced equally, then by setting the initial size of the RG to “1” means that bubble will expand the space when there are more. Otherwise, if you set it to “5” and there is only 1 entry, it will leave space for the other 4.

Lets say I want 10 different “Data Types” from my database to display in a singular repeating group, pulling information from different “Data Types”,

Yes, it is possible, but will take a little bit of work. You need to pull back the unique ids of each of your things, and then display them in their own group if they are found.