Replacing tariffs database within bubble without changing unique ID

Hi all,

We currently have a database of tariffs which are displayed on our bubble website, these are stored in our “website tariff” database within bubble.

We then track and display orders in our backend portal (also bubble) using a field against the item called “tariff applied” which contains the unique ID of the website tariff dataset that was applied to that product/item/order.

We now need to replace our website tariff database with a new database of website tariffs. But I assume this will create new unique IDs which will mess up the above reporting processes as the old tariff wont exist in the database anymore.

So I have some questions:

  1. If I just upload the new database, will it edit the existing records with the updated data or will it create new/duplicated records with a new unique ID?

  2. How do I import my replacement tariff database and still keep/apply/use the same unique ID’s applied to the tariffs? (I am assuming bubble doesnt allow you to import unique IDs with the CSV import)

  3. is there a simple, smart way of doing this or getting around this issue? (I need to ensure that any orders we already processed still show which tariff they were connected to. There are about 4000 tariffs/records, so I guess I could always just import a new tariff database with a field to say new then only display the tariffs on my website that contain that “new” field, retaining the old records for tracking. But this would double my database from 4000 to 8000 records which I am guessing then slows things down or something.

Any tips or advice appreciated.