Request password to enter specific webpage or to display popup

Hello All!

I’ve been using bubble as a custom quoting application for our company and just keep adding more and more features - its amazing what we can accomplish!

I’m stuck right now with coming up with a solution to have our quoting tool request either A) the users password or B) a 4 digit pincode to navigate to a specific page.

My application: we do custom quotes in home using a tablet. We have some cost information that we don’t want the potential customers to see. The person conducting the quote should be able to check a page containing these numbers quickly and see if the “numbers” make sense for the deal. We don’t want an accidental navigation to the page while the “quoter” is showing the customer something on the tablet.

So I figure the best way is to just ask for a password when you try to navigate to that page. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

You can’t just have your salesperson sign in to the app when doing a quote?

I am somewhat new to Bubble, but I think what I would try is:

grouping all the stuff on the page you want to protect

then make the group element with sensitive info not visible on page load

Then, add an input element for the password on the page

When the right password is input, a workflow runs that shows the hidden element

This is not a highly secure method - I assume you would also be having a login to even access this part of the app

There are also ways to do this using account credentials and element custom states