Reset drop down selection


I have an Drop down element with a dynamic values.
After I click something or do something I wan’t that values to be reset.
I’ve already tried to Reset relevant inputs but that didn’t helped.

Does any one has some ideas?

HI @petrucho. Reset relevant inputs will set the inputs used during that workflow, back to their defaults, including a dropdown. A typical use case for a dropdown is that on an event for a change in value on the dropdown, you perform some actions, and then reset the input, taking the dropdown back to default. It won’t change the data source choices, just reset to default.

If you post a screenshot or link to your app, people can take a look and help.


Thanks for a quick reply.

I’ve just checked what you suggested and it won’t work as described.
Just a quick example: Drop down with a static choise

Simple workflow show button and reset Drop down when Drop down value is changes

When I select something in drop down is should show hidden button and reset drop down selection.
But it shows only button, nothing more. Drop down value keeps selected.

Sorry, forgot to say that it only resets if the input is used in the workflow. Presumably by selecting the dropdown value, you want to do something based on that value, like set a custom state, make changes to a thing, add a thing, etc. If you have that in your workflow, it will reset.

Here’s an example using your show button concept. It will show the button, if the value selected is “a” and then reset the input.

Thank you so much.
Now it really works.

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