Resize an upload image in a form


We have created a “Picture Uploader” button in our form and everything is working perfectly.

However we would like to resize the image to a specific width and height (cropping ability as well) after the image is uploaded. Is this possible ?

thank you

We don’t support this yet.

From Bubble documentation:

processed with Imgix
This lets you process the image with some options, leverage Imgix. For instance, you can crop automatically the picture to keep the face, enhance it, reduce red eyes, apply sepia effects, etc

Not applicable here?

I wonder if you could do it using this …

You can’t “edit” the photo post upload I don’t think, but what you could do is upload, and then have a set of image fields that use the Imgix cropping and allow you choose an cropped image to use.

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Unfortunately no, they are missing the resize feature. Guys, could you expose in the Imgix panel new width and height with cropping abilities ? This would be awesome and fix our problem.


Image crop, and image rotate would be awesome!


I need this too lol. My users will be posting all sorts of images and cutting and clipping on every post would take a lot of time. If dynamic image could be cropped and applied some filters like Vibrance etc, it would be awesome. We could save a lot of time and approve posts on a faster scale.

+1 for this too.

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Are you familiar with the Croppie plugin?

Would something that does only scaling/resizing (without cropping) in a package that’s lighter weight and simpler to use work for you?

Hi @sudsy, I actually don’t need the crop component, but would like to resize images uploaded by users so that the file size is smaller in the DB.

If there is a light weight solution for that I would love to check it out.

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Not just to prevent upload of image but actually upload any size and then resize it

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