[Resolved] Bug with ':plus item' function?

So, there are a few discussions about this around the forum regarding sequencing, when Bubble waits to run an action, when it doesn’t, etc. Apparently there are a few factors. @mishav studied the sequence closer than I did, so there might be something more going on than my theory, but I think this is something you’ll need to test more, especially when these lists start to grow on you and other stuff is happening on the page.

Other than that, I read your use case, and I feel like you can restructure a bit. Instead of a list of yes/no’s, why not 1 yes/no for if the User can host 1 type of dog, and another yes/no for hosting 2nd type of dog? If they can host both, both will be yes. If only one, then only one will be yes. The default search would not include a constraint on either yes/no fields to include everyone. If the user’s profile says that his dog is not fixed, then the search would include a constraint to those whose “will host not fixed” yes/no field = yes.