Plus item, if item is already in the list

Good morning everyone,
I can not solve this problem.
I have a search input box to facilitate the user in the search of the ingredient, an input text to insert grams and a button to enhance the custom state.

What I’m trying to achieve is a repeating group where the user sees the newly added ingredients in real time.

Problem nr 1:
if integer the value of the custom state for the ingredients with #plus item is ok (the Plus item function does not add the same value to the list…

…:plus item reference

This operation adds an item to a list of things. It returns a new list with the original list plus the new item. If the new item is already in the list, it will not be added.

In the case of the insertion of grams, the plus item function is not good for me because it is possible to have the same grams for two different ingredients.

Problem nr 2:

How can I eliminate the inclusion of the ingredient and the grams relative to the ingredient if I am on two different Repeating Groups?

Thanks to those who will help me…

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