Response from POST Request to external API is empty


I am trying to make a POST request to an external API using the API Connector, then show the response from the API . There’s 3 elements to the webpage:

  1. An input element for the message to send to the API
  2. A button to make the POST request to the external API, with the message in the input element
  3. A group container to display the response from the API

I verified getting a successful response from the API using Postman, then copied all the headers/body into the API Connector, and can see in the debugger during the preview that the write body is being sent in the POST request. But when I try to display the response in the group container, it says the data to display is empty (I’ve also tried with a text element and an HTML element, same result). I’m new to bubble apps, but I appreciate any and all help!

Some screenshots showing where I am at, sorry for the lots of redacted stuff, just was being safe about what is sensitive information to share:

The 3 element setup:

The POST request in API Connector:

The initialization result showing that the POST request gets a successful response with content:

The workflow showing the request is triggered, then display is meant to be shown in the Response text group container:

The Response text group container showing it should display the response’s raw body text:

The same as the above screenshot, but this time on the frontend:

The debugger steps showing the request is sent properly:

The debugger steps showing the response is empty:

Why are you not displaying Result of Step 1's explanation here?

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Raw text body is also only available if you set capture response headers and you also need to include error.