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Hey everyone,

(Posting this here as a new thread as my response may be hard to find given it’s a pretty long there.)

We’ve been watching the thread, and appreciate the feedback re DB things.

I know that for applications that have been running on Bubble for a long time, and built their apps without thinking about the number of database things, this leads to extreme situations, which makes these limits feel low. That’s why we’re not applying any of these changes to existing applications till 2023 at the earliest, to give us plenty of time to figure out how to make it work for you. The kinds of things we have in mind to help users who would have a very hard time adapting to this, which we would apply on a case-by-case basis:

  • Giving special discounts
  • Extending the time period on the old pricing
  • Coaching to redesign the application
  • …etc

The last thing we want to do is to make Bubble unaffordable for people who’ve trusted us as their platform.

We are aware our tooling to clean up DB things currently isn’t great, and we are working on improving it: we plan to make sure it’s good enough to efficiently clean up massive databases well in advance of the new pricing coming online for existing apps.

For new apps, it’s difficult to predict in advance what the right limits are, because all of our current apps were designed with the assumption that database things are basically free. We don’t want to discourage or disincentive people using the database, but we also feel like it’s the fairest way to charge for applications that aren’t directly exposed to external visitors. We plan to take the community feedback into account, watch how new users interact with Bubble, and make adjustments if we feel like the numbers aren’t working out.

We’re a community-driven company, which is why we discuss these things openly on the forum. We very much appreciate the feedback, and we’re committed to landing in a place that drives long-term sustainable growth for Bubble and long-term sustainable success for all of our users.



Still very disappointing for me ! Sorry

The new criteria between the number of connections and the data are incomprehensible and not at all consistent. I cannot believe you when we read that a relevant analysis of the current Apps have guided your decision…

Do you really think that a customer who pays $129 a month will be able to pay 10x more for the same use …

Here is my case: for the moment I have 250 final customers who pay for a prospect management application €20/ year or €4/ month. (I based the price on the cost of an equivalent app in Play-Store or Apple-Store, I have bench-marketed this !). I have a Personal plan $35/month. (I was thinking of upgrading to a Professional Plan, but for the moment the app turns well). My App is 6 months. Today I collect 900 € gross monthly income (excluding taxes). My application is a prospect management app. Prospects Table has 11,000 lines (not counting the other tables…).

How much will I have to pay for the same usage? Do I have to abandon my application, my customers and tell them that the application is closed?

This App is an entrepreneurial project for living, you’re killing me really :frowning:




Is this is typing error or…


What are the overage costs?

I’m having trouble figuring out my new costs.

If someone had 1M database rows, what’s this cost for a professional plan etc?


Let’s face it bubble isnt the best in front end design, but it intergrate seamlessly with the backend.

But what you are doing is basically cutting out the backend which makes bubble a front end that heavily relies on a extremely limiting backend.

So now users will either need to make their web app with a extremely limiting db or simply use other solutions.


Oh, goody… now we have two threads to read. Lucky day!


Ok, no change …
Huge part of the trust is lost …
very disappointing … :frowning:


Shooting themselves in the foot - eroding their unique selling position in the No Code market


Bubble moved the no code movement so far ahead and is now inhibiting it’s main feature.

Just don’t get it.


Results can be clearly seen here :fire:


Its really a shame that i was planning to purchase your time managing plugin as i need it to build a time managing web app, but it seems that until things have more clarity i would be unable to purchase your plugin.

" this leads to extreme situations " !!!
I’d say this is a totally common situation for almost everyone!

Why not charge based on the size of the database (in MB) instead of the number of rows? This seems to be more fair :thinking:


Good Idea :+1:

I’ve spent so many hours on Bubble and did so many apps for my clients and myself…
That’s the worse investment in my life… more than bitcoin

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Is better to find out other solutions, bubble isnt the best in transparency as it always comes with sudden price spikes, aws only comes with price reduction notices while bubble suddenly decides to burn down the whole nocode movement.


Seems more logical and rationale.

For instance a ‘Log’ data type entry might just be one field with text or even a ‘Message’ entry might entail 2 fields, text and an object. Where as vastly bigger data types with many relational objects, lists, files and other fields equate to something far more subtainal. To throw these all in the same pool of usage just doesn’t make sense.

Its like saying, I want to get a taxi from A to B on a straight road. One day there is zero traffic, clear run the other day its gridlock - should it be treated the same and billed like for like?

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@emmanuel Thanks for voting


I have been a vocal Bubble advocate for a long time, but for a large majority of app ideas now I would suggest looking elsewhere. I have a Form Builder template that I was just revamping with the new responsive engine but it would be extremely expensive to run under the new Bubble pricing that I can’t think anyone would want to build a Form in Bubble anymore

The scheduling/calendar one could maybe still be a good use case for Bubble under the new pricing, but not likely if you need many features beyond a simple scheduler.

I also can’t recommend a marketplace or any type of e-commerce type application under the new pricing as the data base limits would get hit real quick. A single Order would have 4 or more data items

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Emmanuel, You are crating too many thing by duplicanting this thead.