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Responsive Alignment

I have wasted the last 3 hours of my life trying to make a page responsive. I love Bubble, but I have to admit the responsive engine is my least favorite feature.

I have recreated the page in the forum app. Would somebody mind taking a look, and explaining how to get the group titled “Container” to shrink with the menu, so the distance between the page text and menu is still the same?


Run Mode

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked out the responsive tutorial video? I just made a few quick modifications, see if that looks more like what you want.

Hey @csblack I just tried some things too and I can’t figure out how to prevent the container text from going behind the floating group? @potentialthings do you know which settings to use?

I created a copy of the page in the forumapp and changed the floating group to a regular group in order to be able to align it, and can see how that responds – but can’t match that responsiveness when I change the group back to a floating group.



I don’t use floating groups much, so my experience is limited. I didn’t realize they behaved differently :frowning:

Right, same here. But maybe they’re not supposed to behave differently? Do you think this could be considered a bug?

This is not quite what I’m looking for, but thanks for the help. I have watched all of the responsive videos. Maybe I’ll go back and watch again. I just think responsive isn’t very intuitive/user-friendly.

Here is an example that better illustrates what I’m after. Notice how the space between the menu and text doesn’t change.

the macitonish website just hides the menu when it gets below desktop size