Responsive Issues, BUG?

I have spent hours working on a site and am nearing completion. Today some issues started showing up that seems sort of buggy. I was wondering if anyone else is noticing this. I have a reusable element that has been working on each page but today now its acting strange. It is centered and set in responsive to be centered yet its on the right left side of the page. This is one of many things that have been happening. Just wondering if there is some sort of issue with the responsiveness?

Provided your comfortable sharing, it’s best to provide a few screenshots (or video, via Loom or Screencastify). It makes identifying bugs (whether user created or with Bubble) significantly easier to identify.

When things go askew in responsive, it can often be caused by a conflicting element that shares the same general space as the other element. (Doubly so when there are non-fixed width elements).