Responsive native bubble charts error

Hi, I’m trying to make my charts responsive when a user resize the browser window.
However, I’m getting a small error when trying it. I want the chart to be fluid as well as my other groups.
I have tried to set a min and max width of the groups to make them fluid when the user resize the browser windows.

Somehow the chart only resizes when the other elements are below the chart and is being cut off from the browser window.

Here is a video link of me resizing the browser window:

Note: I’m using the new bubble responsive engine.

Those chart elements haven’t yet been updated for the new responsive engine. Try putting them in a group and setting a minimum width and they should shrink together with the group on the side

Josh @ Support Dept
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I’m having the same issue using bubble’s chart plugin, I have tried putting it in a group, but like my other elements it is not being responsive