Responsive UI Question - Certain Widths Not Appearing

Hi there, first off I love Bubble! Thank you to all the hardworking developers and founding team, I believe this platform is outstanding

I am running into some issues with the responsive settings on a tinder clone that I am building- I have watched and re-watched the “responsive tutorial” yet can’t find a solution. I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction

Here is a video capture of the issue

As you can see the main group completely disappears between 375 px screen width and 320 px screen width

The parent group has a screen width of 320 px, and I have set it to be “fixed width”

Does anyone have any idea why it would disappear between those pixels?


Sorry, vid is viewable now!!

Disable fixed width and set it to minimum width 99% and adjust it to centered. That should solve your issue. You can make the elements inside the group fixed width :wink:

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Ahh perfect fix. Thanks very much @nocodeventure

Hi bubble team I’m still getting the same error on one of my pages . I have shown both examples in a video below

The first page “index” is working just fine at all widths and continues to show up

The second page “profile” again has the disappearing effect between 320px and 375px. I tried to use “explain box margins” but to no avail

Could someone please offer some suggestions? Tried using both the “fixed width” and 99% minimum width method

Thanks for your suggestion @nocodeventure

Maybe your parent group is set to fixed width…

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Update: Problem is solved and had to do with other groups not centered :wink:


Ah thank you so much @nocodeventure went above and beyond in solving my issue. Thank you team :heart::heart: