Restaurant app for ordering and paying

restaurant app
Has anyone developed an app to be used in a restaurant?
Like ordering, paying etc.

Hi Dariushfar. I’ve got 2 of them done. Would mind sharing more or your ideal application vision ? Let’s build together!

Hi @dariushfar
I can assist you with your requirement.

To discuss further in details, please reach me out through Skype via cis.garry or drop me mail at [email protected]

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Check out the templates for something like that.

Templates | Bubble Then search for ‘Restaurant’ to see if any of those might be a good fit for you. Then you just need to do some changes to match your needs.

Hope that helps. :blush:

Hi Darius,
Been working in a reservation management system for restaurants in the last few months, you can check it out at .
Let me know if I can help

Do you have a sample of a restaurant app you have done ?
Print 2 copies ( 1 for bar one for kitchen)

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Dariushfar, sure. They both are in portuguese language but I truly believe you can follow up and get a better vision of it.

The first one is a multi-store plataforms for delivering drinks and snacks. Here’s the link -

This second one is exactly what you are looking for, this is a restaurante ordering as you wish.
I’ve cloned it for specific businesses but here is the bubble link of it. -

I appreciate your interest and vision in developing your restaurant business.

You can also find me on LinkedIn if you wish. Here it is -

Thank you for getting in touch. All the best!

If you would like assistance to build a custom app for a restaurant from scratch, we can discuss your requirements and figure out a plan that works for your budget. We have a team of developers that can assist you. Check us out:

You can schedule a discovery call with me and we can see if we would be a good fit for you. Let me know. :blush: