Restrict current user to leave only 1 review per current page user?

restrict current user to leave only 1 review per current page user?

Right a current user can leave as many reviews as they want on 1 current page user.

I’m guessing the account field you have selected in the screenshot is the other user? If so make that Account = Current page's User

Then close out of that search window and do :count is 0

Also it’s usually best practice to put that condition on the button workflow itself, not the action in the workflow if this is the only action you are doing.

Then you can copy/paste the workflow but make it :count > 0 and delete your “Create a new review” action, and instead have it show some red text saying they’ve already left a review.

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Thank you! that worked!

Why is it best practice to put it on the button instead of the condition of a workflow?

still new to bubble and trying to understanding all the best practices.

I actually can’t find where I found the information, but just from experience it seemed like the performance was better and was more reliable (I think because it doesn’t need to keep checking the condition every time for each action?).

Also it’s easier to keep track of what’s going to happen when someone clicks a button because you don’t need to copy the :count is 0 statement to every single action. Then mixing in more actions with :count > 0

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