Restrict Google API

It seems ridiculous that Bubble expects us to get our own google cloud services and advise to restrict the API’s but do not advise what IP, or HTTP address to use?

What do we use? (Bubble please answer this)
Despite asking and searching there doesn’t seem to be an agreed bubble ip address for our apps. Why be so opaque? And why don’t you make instructions clearer, this has critical information missing and frankly annoying.



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Sorry to hear about this frustration! Please see this Manual chapter for info on how to appropriately restrict your Google API keys, and feel free to email us at if you need any further assistance.

That doesn’t give us an IP address

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Yep, we need a way to restrict access. If I restrict by domain name, (I’ve added both my custom domain and the one) the API breaks.

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Any solution to restricting by domain?

API also breaking in Bunny Stream | A better way to deliver online video | when restricting by domain:

Tried with my custom domain and with None works.