Restrict page display to only authenticated users


How do I restrict a page to be viewable only to users who are logged in?

Thank you.

Redirect anyone who’s not logged in, and your top level container elements to anyone who’s not logged in.

Thank you.

How would I set a redirect on the page?

I’m not seeing anything like a workflow on the page inspector.

Just add a pageload workflow event, and use a go to page action.

ah ok - I didn’t realize the workflow was available at the page level. Thanks!

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@aaron10 Welcome to the community!

Complementing @adamhholmes great advice you could place this and other redirection logic on the header element. Best practices call for making this header a reusable element. If you place a header on most pages in your app, and given that you make it a reusable element … you will have a centralized element where to place your redirects. :smiley:

Further logic could be built to have a strong redirection approach to your app (user roles, index redirects, page permissions come to mind) and the above should get you going while you become more familiar with Bubble.

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Fantastic advice. Thank you!

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