Restricting characters in data field

Is there any way to restrict the number of characters in a data table field. In a dataflow a field is being populated by a value from another table but I want to restrict it to say 100 characters. How to do it?

Hi there, @mjaitly123… in the workflow that populates the field, you should be able to use the :truncated to operator to truncate the value to 100 characters. Want to give that a shot?


Please see the image. If I want to reduce link title to say 10 characters, how do I do it? I don’t see any truncate option here.


just use :truncated to 10 on the link title (assuming it’s a text)

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Can’t you click More… at the end of the expression and select the :truncated to option?

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thanks to both Mike and Adam. It is working now.

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