Retrieve charge success from stripe

Wondering if there is an easier way that I am missing…

I charge a customer in stripe, stripe says the order is successful…but I need to retrieve some kind of confirmation that this is done in order to create workflows based off success or failure of the charge.

I set up a webhook in stripe based off charge.succeded - I thought once this condition was true then the app would navigate would navigate to the endpoint URL…wrong.

I downloaded the bubble API connector…I assume I have to set up a API call through this, which I execute in a workflow (perhaps the same workflow where I “Charge the current user” or “Subscribe current user to plan”) which calls Stripe and retrieves the info I’m looking for?

Am I on the right track? Is there an easier way? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this will help but you could try triggering a custom event after the “charge the current user”.

Hi @muradamod - I could virtually do anything in the workflow after “charge the current user” - but I need something from Stripe to trigger the next part of my App.

For instance - IF charge succeeds then navigate to page A - IF charge fails then navigate to page B.

You see, I need that commmand from Stripe before I can make the next move.

If the charge fails nothing after the ‘‘charge the current user’’ runs.

You could create sometime of data (example ‘‘set state’’) before and after the ‘‘charge the current user’’ and if the second data is not created then you will know that the charge failed.

This is correct for the Stripe plugin, but it looks like @chrisschrade is using the API connector, so needs to rely on the response from the stripe API.

I only got the API connector because I thought that is what I needed to get this confirmation back of a successful charge. Would rather be able to do everything from the plugin.

Doesn’t there still need to be a trigger to change the state? @muradamod - are you saying that nothing will happen if the charge is declined, therefore I need to change the state based on something timing out perhaps?

I don’t see any conditions in Bubbles options of the stripe plugin that would allow me to go on with subsequent workflows after a success or decline of a card.

From the reference:

The response from Stripe (Stripe charge ID, amount, confirmation, etc.) can be accessed in the subsequent actions as ‘Result of previous step’. In case of a failed transaction, the workflow will stop running.

So workflow actions can be something like this for success:

And this for failure:


@mishav - This makes sense and looks good, thank you. Will try this in the next day or 2 and reply back.

Thank you again.

That did the trick…thank you @mishav and @muradamod for the help!

Hi mishav,

I have encountered a little bit of problem when I am using Stripe’s Subscribe a user to a plan. I am using Bubble Stripe plugin.

I can’t retrieve the paid amount as the result of the subscription step (refer image). Can you help me out?

Hi @faisalkarimstubapp

If you pick Items, each item should have its amount. A subscription is a potentially complex object to navigate, good luck!

I’ve tried all but with no luck. Thank you for your reply though.

If you’re not getting what you need from the response, you could make the call using the API connector instead.

That is something that I haven’t mastered and dive into ( I am not from developer background).

Meaning i create API using Bubble API Connector, and call Stripe API?

yup correct.

Thank you @loh.cher.e . I will study the method. Might take a while though, or hire people can that do that for me while I learn.


How can you retrieve the success from Stripe on subscription based.

First time you can retrieve the success but what about the next times the user gets charged?

How do you get a notification or event so you can create for example an invoice after the user has been charged on a monthly bases only when user got charged his subscription?

Thanks a lot.