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Return a HTTP 200 when a webhook is received on endpoint

Hi, I am using Mercado Pago as a payment processor and I am using webhooks for the notifications endpoint.

My problem is that Mercado Pago says:

“When you receive a notification on your platform, Mercado Pago waits for a response to validate that you received it correctly. For this, you must return an HTTP STATUS 200 (OK) or 201 (CREATED) .”

How can I return this HTTP 200 response?

You can add a ‘Return data from API’ action in your API workflow.
It should return a 200 by default from this action.

So I add no parameters?

Just like this?

Yes, that should work

Unfortunately it is not working.

I tried this:

I tried also this:

And also tried this:

None of them have worked, so I keep receiving the same webhook notification many times (if I don’t respond with a HTTP 200 it keeps retrying) :unamused:

That’s strange.

One way to debug is to actually see what response your API endpoint provides.
You can do this by testing it with Postman.

I use this for testing API connections.
You can call the webhook just like you expect Mercado Pago to and it will show you the response - what it looks like to MP.

Thanks for the recommendation! I just tried Postman and the response is working ok. I will try to contact Mercado Pago to see if there is something wrong on their end. Thanks for your help!

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