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Return data from API - can I format my payload?

Hi guys!

I have an API workflow and I can retrieve any data from my database.
(One external system gets data from bubble)

I would like to format the json response (similiar as we do on API Conector) because I don’t want to send all columns of my database and also would like to rename some fields.

Is there any possibility to ‘build’ my payload in a similiar way as we do on Bubble Api Conector?


I had a similar issue in building a POST call. I ended up combining static text with dynamic data in the field, then storing it in the database and then using it in the API Call. Really motivated me to build my own JSON Formatter plugin which I’m working on now :grin:

Happy to jump on a call to help you out if you still need help!

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Thanks for your reply.
I would love to jump on a call and learn more about it.

Sure! I just DMed you my calendar link :slight_smile: