Return Data from Custom Workflows


I am using a return data from a custom workflow, and have two return scenarios, which are conditional.

However as both are conditional I am getting an error saying there must be an unconditional return at the end.

Can I just check. If the condition is met in any script step, I must assume that that terminates the workflow at that point and returns the data to the main script??

Just checking

I used return data, too, like 2 scenarios both having unique only when, so any one of them get true it return data. thus braking the custom WF, and continue the main WF.

why does it saying to you, Must be an unconditional return at the end.

can you provide any screen shot.

As the error message is telling you… a Return Data action must be the last action in the workflow AND must not have any conditions attached to it.


Yes so I’ll just send an unconditional false back. Just wanted to check the WF stopped if either of the conditionals were true first.

Thanks both

Just make that return value optional. That error pops up if your return value is not optional.

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