Return entire field from data api

I am making a call to the bubble data api. Specifically this one:

The response I has one of the fields truncated:

I don’t see anything in the documentation so I’m assuming I can’t do this, but is there a way to get the entire value returned by the api?

I know I could achieve this with building a backend workflow API but if I can avoid that, I’d rather not

I said screw it and made the backend api workflow but then it has the same problem

Anyone have any solution to this?

I assume its because of a character limit? If so, splitting up the string into a few fields should do the trick…

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Thanks for the response but also …Ugh. Bubble sometimes just…ugh

Nevermind. I’m dumb. The data was being popuplated via an external api and that was truncating th data. Nothing to do with bubble.

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