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Return Star Rating to Zero

Hi- I have a 5 star rating where min=0, max=5 and step =1

When users give something 4 stars, then want to change their mind & give it zero stars, they’re not able to.

The lowest it will allow is one star after the user has already scored it higher

Is there any way to configure this so that users can return star rating to zero?

Not sure I’m following? Reseting the input would do it no?

Can you reproduce the situation in the forum_app? It’d be easier to help.

You could have a reset text under or next to the rating that appears after its been rated (use a when elements value is > 0 this element is visible condition). then just have this text or button update the rating to 0

sure- how can I access the forum_app?

I the interim, here’s what I’m talking about. Link here -->

give the star a rating & then try to undo it. You cant set it back to zero for some reason.

This is where we explain how the forum app works

I think you will need to put the rating inside a Group, and then reset that. Initial content needs to be 0.

Reset Relevant Inputs doesn’t appear to work.

Example here.

Although this is the same as the old “can’t undo a radio button” UX issue isn’t it ? It might be easier to change the way it works so that “1 star” is the lowest rather than zero. That way if someone has made a choice you are making it mandatory for them ?

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