Reusable Components across projects

Can I build a set of web page components that I can reuse across many client website projects. For example: Landing Page headers and footers, sign in sign up, master / detail components.

thanks, m.j.

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You can always copy them between apps. That said, if you make a change in the original version, it’ll only impact the reusable element within the same app.

Excellent, thanks Sridharan. m.j.

I should point out - it’s quick/easy to copy the components over. However, you’ll need to reconnect the logic between the reusable element and the database in each new app.

In other words, even though all of your apps may have a field on the user’s table for full_name, when you copy a reusable element to a new app, I’m pretty sure it loses this connection and you have to re-type in the logic to connect the element to the database (e.g., to save data as a workflow, to conditionally show info in the UI, etc.).

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