Reusable Element as Popup can't be modal?

I need to create a reusable element of type popup however I want that popup to not be closable when the user presses escape (or clicks outside the popup). I can do this by creating a popup on the page itself but when I create a reusable element and add it to the page (of type popup) there is no setting on that instance equivalent to the “don’t allow user to press esc” setting. As a result the reusable pop up element works, but the user can click outside it to close it. I need to be “modal”.

What am I doing wrong?


This checkbox is still available, but not from within the reusable element. You’ll find it on the page that you place the reusable element on - in the inspector for the reusable itself.

Well crap, it is there. Don’t know how I missed it!

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