Reusable elements connection to non-reusable elements


I got a page with 5, graphs, each one representing different data from a specific week.
The users can click +1/-1 weeks to filter all graphs to the next/previous week.
The “+1/-1 week” buttons exist in several locations on the page and have the same functionality everywhere: they change all graph’s dates simultaneously

I turned the buttons to be a reusable element because they do the exact same thing.

The problem: once I use them as a reusable element they don’t seem to recognize the groups they reference in the workflow settings or in the conditions settings. I get issues reported for every place this reusable element is referencing an element from its original page where it was first created.

The weird thing is - they still work just fine. but with a lot of “issues” reported of not recognizing all the elements they are connected to.

I believe I can solve this by referencing a relative group (“group’s parent”) instead of referencing a specific group that is not located with the reusable element.

  • Is this the way? did anyone encounter something similar?


Throw the date value into a url parameter and let the graphs extract data from url. RE button can send parameter to url with go to page workflow action.

Reusable elements behave like separate units. So any component of the reusable element referenced earlier will throw an error.

Try to use URL parameters to send data and trigger workflows.

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