Reusable Expressions

It would be very useful to be able to save expressions (either at a page level or global app level) and easily reuse them in one of the two ways:

  1. Use the saved expression (i.e. if the saved expression is modified, each place referencing it is affected)
  2. Copy/paste saved expression

Point 1 is the most useful option for complex calculations that need to be done in various places. For instance, there might be an expression called “Calculate total order price” which is reused in various parts of the user journey. If it is a long and complex expression its easy to forget to keep updating it in many places as it changes, which is a problem that would be solved by Reusable Expressions.


I agree, I’ve been meaning to make this post. I believe there should be a data type available in option sets called ‘Dynamic expression’. This can be really useful for saving dates, formulas and more.


  1. Dynamic expression representing ‘next Sunday’ or ‘next month’

  2. Dynamic expression representing a formula, example ‘pi * r^2’

it could be seen the same way as Excel allows building functions

i’d just like to beable to copy and paste the expressions outside of bubble. having to load different pages to grab long winded expressions sucks. especially when i dont remember where the expression is located