Reusable Property in a RG

I posted this question in another thread for a plugin, but realize it should have it’s own thread to make sure it gets seen. Instead of deleting the original post (because it is really about a different question) I am re-phrasing it here:

I have a RG. On each row of the RG there is an element (Contexts) with a data source (a list of Things) elsewhere on the page.

For a variety of reasons, I am moving this element (and all sub-elements) into a reusable element. I am placing the reusable element on the RG rows.

Now I have the problem of scope. Contexts in the reusable can no longer see its data source on the page.

I can make a property on the reusable element for Contexts data source and populate that from my page.

The property is dynamic (meaning it can change, but usually does not), but the value for Contexts is the same for every row of the RG. I only really need it once for every row to refer to.

In this scenario, does Bubble understand that the property is the same for every row and only create it once?

Or does each row hold the full property (a list of Things) because of scope?

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Oh, interesting point. I suspect it is referencing the original property, rather than creating lots of temporary stores, however I’m not sure. I guess you could try some workflows to change data and see how it runs it?

Keen to know the answer here as well!

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My guess is it holds the same data for every row. It technically doesn’t create anything new to pass to the reusable anyway. Because this is at the core of Bubble. In many cases, you have access to the real object and pass it around. How many different places you pass it on doesn’t matter.

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