Revert to original behavior, creating expressions, expression editor remains open

Since I’ve started building on Bubble the dynamic expression creation was such that I create the expression and the expression editor closes and gets out of the way so I can continue to do my work and I was not forced to take the extra step of clicking somewhere to close the expression editor.

Now, as of 2-3 days ago, the expression editor remains open and you are forced to click to close it…WHY DOES BUBBLE INSIST ON MAKING IT SLOWER TO BUILD IN THE EDITOR?

I would like to submit the idea that Bubble revert to the original behavior because now, every time I build I have to perform more clicks than necessary, which literally equates to taking more time to build. Bubble could have said it is 5x faster to build on Bubble versus traditional development, and with recent changes it seems like Bubble wants that to be trimmed down to 3x faster.

If you like the idea upvote HERE


Link to the idea board for us to upvote hard? :wink:

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