🎁 Reviewly - Location Based Reviews Template - updated to the New Bubble Responsive Engine

Hey friends!

We are pleased to announce that our Reviewly - Location Based Reviews | No-Code Template by Zeroqode has been updated to the new Bubble Responsive Engine, ensuring that the app is now fully optimized for use on any device and is fully responsive!

Check it out here:
Live Demo: https://reviewstemplate.bubbleapps.io/

Docs: Reviewly - Location Based Reviews Template

In case we can help you with anything regarding this template, please let us know.
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Zeroqode Support Team


Every user can access to the admin dashboard. How can I hide it to those users that are not admins? I cannot launch since there is private information available to anyone.


Hi @francisco2,
Sorry for the late reply due to the weekend. :pray:

To make the admin link visible only to users who have been designated as admins in the database, you can implement a conditional. By checking the user’s role or admin status from the database, you can conditionally display the admin link only to those users who are designated as admins.

Hope that helps!

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Zeroqode Support Team