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Rewrite a full name reducing the first word

Hi guys,

I know that the solution of my problem is with the Regex, but I’m really a noob…
I have a full name (Firstname Lastname) with a space between them and I want to write F.Lastname instead of Firstname Lastname

How can I do it ?

Hi there, @romain.hetzel… I’m sure you can (should?) use Regex to do what you have described, but there is a way (and probably more than one way) to do it without Regex, and I didn’t think it could hurt to throw this suggestion out there for you.


Notice the period (which has to be manually entered) after :truncated to 1, and the :split by character is a space (which separates the first name from the last name and enables us to grab the last name by itself and put it after the period).

Hope this helps.



Thanks a lot Mikeloc, it works perfectly !!!

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