Rewrite input value

Trying to change input value after the user typed it.
Can’t find how it could be done… Please help!!!


Hi @dina.zab,

Are you wanting to update a record in your database with whatever the user typed into the input?


Are you wanting to reset the input after the user typed into it?

the input field is connected to the slider bar, so I want to change the input value if slider bar was change.
I want to be able to change the input values after user typing it.
Same with the slider bar, I want to rewrite it value…

There is an action under elements called Reset inputs - try triggering that when the slider changes.

Tryed that… doesn’t work
Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you explain how you have connected the slider and the field?

I don’t know anything about connecting a slider to an input. However, I’ve taken control of date/time pickers in this way:

in the date/time picker element, add a custom state. I call it ValueSet.

Specify that custom state as the initial value for the element.
e.g., using pickDateDue as the element name:

Now, if you set ValueSet to the desired value, doing Reset inputs as @renelonngren suggested should show the new value.


  1. On Page is Loaded, be sure to initialize ValueSet to the value coming from the database if the page should display a database value initially.
  2. If you updated the underlying database field while on the page, be sure to update ValueSet as needed.
  3. You are responsible for controlling the value of ValueSet.
  4. This method has not worked reliably with dates when attempting to set the value to empty.

I hope this helps. If not, please provide more specifics and possibly images of what you are doing and want to accomplish.

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If you have the input inside a group, and run a workflow action “Reset group”, it should set the input back to its default value - which can be a dynamic value retrieving from elsewhere.


^^^ correct answer right here

Thank you!!!
It is working!!!

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