RG horizontal scrolling

Is it possible to make each row to be independently scrollable rather than the whole table to be scrollable?

I was thinking of making multiple RG but was wondering how do i go about linking the data source and making sure each row is not showing the item as the rest of the other rows. TIA

hey @j2pp!

experience wise, I have never seen such a UI pattern. Because it is a little confusing for users when the row content scrolls and the column titles and other rows are fixed. Cell data becomes irrelevant to the surrounding elements. Is there a particular reason you need to do this?

I think its a client preference. Was actually able to pull this off except that its a little tedious to setup. So i have 6 separate RGs and using the “items until #” & “items from#” and it works perfectly. I do have to setup separate conditions when there are 200, 300, 400 and so on total results from the data being gathered but i got it working.

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good for you! but it may be a good idea to point out the unusual pattern if it is not necessary for this use case, of course.