RG shows no results if slider input is changed to less than previously selected

Hello bubble.is forum.

I have built a RG from a database. This RG searches for database named abonnementer and has contraints: slider input taletid and slider input data and a custom state list as shown in the screenshot.

The problem is, when a search happens such as:

User moves slider input to “number > 0”

User selects 2 or more buttons, which gets added to the custom state list.

Ps. This does not happen when only 1 button is selected.

Search results appear just fine.

But when user moves slider input to “number less than previously selected”, no results appear.

This only happens in this order for some reason, and i don’t seem to know why… Can anyone help?

Best regards :slight_smile:

Here is a gif of how it acts, the criteria in the database is possible, so i don’t know why it dosent work. Best regards

Have you verified that there is data that meets your filter criteria at the point where it disappears?

Yes, there is plenty of data that meets the filter criteria.

45-27 entrys should match this criteria but its like the slider locks at example 35 (as shown in gif) when it is selected as first criteria and when it goes under 35 it won’t show the matching entrys when buttons are selected for the custom state.

When it goes over 35 it finds matches just fine, maybe it has something to do with the Timer > Sliderinput Taletid’s value -1? (as shown in screenshot)

I don’t see anything that would be causing the issue.

What I’ve done in the past and I know it’s a pain is to rebuild the query 1 filter at a time and test it. This way you can identify which query is causing the problem and look at that specific part closer.

Thank you for responding john!

I’ve spend countless hours trying to identify the problem.

It seems like multiple queries in the custom state list is causing issues with the slider criteria… maybe some workaround i don’t know.

Best regards

I messed around with it, and i can make it work if i set the search with a button on a workflow with the following.

Clear list in repeating group abonnementer -> Display list in repeating group abonnementer (with the same constraints as in the screenshot)

I think this is working because the repeating group is making a new search everytime the button is clicked.

Is there a way to make the repeating group make a whole new search everytime an input is changed, automatically? Because i tried with a workflow that updates every 5 seconds (with clear list -> display list), but that does the same error as the original problem.

Any ideas? Because the optimal UX is to have the repeating group update in realtime.

Best regards

So i found a fix!

If anyone should have the same problem.

Instead of having 1 search for abonnementers with constraints from slider input1, slider input2 and the custom state.

I used 2 search for abonnementers where nr.1 uses slider input1 and slider input2.

nr. 2 uses custom state.

and i connect those two with the intersect action.

Best regards

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