Rich Text component overlaps with other elements

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I am using the Rich Text component in a page. The rich text element is added to a GROUP with alignment. When I added the text up to the max height setting, I saw an overlap of the text with the elements next to it.
Please refer the attached screen.

Could you please suggest on how to fix this?

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Don’t know if it’s the same case, but I’m having something similar.

Yes. Thats the same issue I am talking about. It doesn’t look good.
I raised a bug with Bubble suppor team. They asked me to upgrade to latest version. Even after that, the issue still persists. If I hear any resolution, I will post it there.

Thank you for sharing the details and your response.

Update: The bubble support team confirmed that this is a bug. This issue occurs when a rich text element is used in a reusable component. No timeline was shared about the bug fix. Thanks

The issue is fixed by Bubble support team. It is released in version 2.0.9. Thanks

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