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Rookie data structuring question

In my app, there are 2 user types, Member and Owner. A household can have multiple members and multiple owners. Also, a User may be an Owner in 1 or more households, and a member of 1 or more households.

In SQL I would have a join table for [household - user - user type]. How would it work in bubble?

My thoughts…

Household Data Type would have list-fields (of type user) for Member and Owner?

User table would have a list of Households for which the user is associated in some way, so that I can isolate a list of households in a drop down that a user is part of, or is this unnecessary, and can just be pulled from the household table? OR Should I create an association table, like a join table, with User, Household, User-Type?


Hi, you may find some of the discussion in this post relevant…

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