Rotate Objects until a Thing is False ("no")

Hi everybody,
I need some help and I’m not sure if this is even possible in Bubble.

I want to add something like a “wait” icon to my app. So when some specific conditions are met, an image appears and starts to rotate. Then when a condition is false (“no”) the image stops rotating.

So basically an animation were you can set the duration via a yes/no thing.

thx in advance

More than possible: it’s a built in thing. I use it all the time.

Icons have a rotate parameter. Conditional states evaluate Booleans. Rotate can be controlled as a result of a condition. I think that’ll get ya going!

(Drop icon on page. Note you can make it rotate. Note Conditional tab. Note you can start and stop rotation and control visibility from that tab based on any number of different conditions.)

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You could also use the hide / show element in a workflow based on a yes/no value - this could be an animated GIF or SVG.

There are a good choice of animated icons below, that can be customised in design:

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thx guys! I’m fairly new to bubble and this helps a lot.

Seems like a good implementation

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