Round down week to start on Monday, not Sunday

How can I use the Current date/time:rounded down to week, and have the start of the week fall on a Monday rather than the default of Sunday?

I’m using this for tracking Weekly User Usage, and want to know how many Uses the user has done since the start of the week (starting on Monday, and then resetting the following Monday at 12:01am).

I’ve tried using :rounded down to week+(days)= 1, but that jumps it forward a week (on Sunday). I’ve tried using :rounded down to week+(days)= -6, but that then throws everything else off. It would be amazing if we could set the underlying “start of week” to Monday.

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Use an option set for Day. On page load set a state in the RG for start of the week +1, unless it is Sunday. Then in RG, use search for… then group by and set it to group by the state, which uses the Day option set.

I ended up using plugin for that purpose, search for timezone keyword.

P.S. Just took a look and couldn’t find, there was a plugin named something like “Moments with locale”, but it’s either renamed or withdrawn by the author. I needed to adjust time according to custom locales, so I had to add my own plugin. I’m actually the only one who ever used it, I think, but you can try, its “Moment Timezone”.

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I’l try to check it out, but it might be little too technical for me!

try adding the day berofe rounding down… like:
date:(+days):1:rounded down