Run calculation in API Workflow and then add to database recurring daily

Hi there,

I’m trying to calculate the emissions for each user that incrementally increases each day and saves to the database.
I was just wondering if someone could help me to understand a possible way of doing this (eg. like with API Workflow)?


This might be helpful. I’m unsure exactly because I’m not sure what calculations you’re doing, but they don’t sound complex or long.

What you want to do is schedule an “API workflow on a list” and the list to do this on would be your users.

Then take the value that in in the user data type, for the sake of example ill cal it “emissions number”

Take the “this users emissions number” do your calculation. say each day it increases by 2 (for simplicity)

your workflow now sounds something like this

Schedule API workflow on a list - List to run on - User
make changes to a user - “this user”
data to change
“this users emissions number +2”

does that make sense? Then you can schedule this daily at a specific time

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Thanks Anthony! This worked a treat :metal:

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