Run python-tensorflow on server doable?

Hi everyone,
I am new on Bubble, and have some doubts about wether what I want to build can be done with Bubble. Hope you can help (and tell me yes :wink: )
So what I need is the ability to have for each user a private access to his/her account (easily doable from what I saw in the tutorials), launch a recording of himself using the camera, and have the video exported to a server where I run python/tensorflow analysis on the video. Then the video is stored on the server and the server gives the output to bubble, which is a video, and a few json files (or other format if needed)

I know Bubble is powerful, but can it do that ?
Thank you very much,

I’ve been using bubble for maybe 8 months now and can say I can think of a couple of different ways you could implement this. Another thing to consider is the fact your able to run whatever scripts that you may need as well as configure any external api’s that youll need to use. Hopefully that helps a little bit to clear the capabilities. If you need any help feel free to drop a dm.

Hey @paul.faverjon,
This is very doable. I’m working on a similar project right now.

I’m writing a plugin/widget to record video, using the JavaScript MediaDevices API (e.g., see here, MediaDevices - Web APIs | MDN, and here MediaDevices.getUserMedia() - Web APIs | MDN), then passing that to a serverless API, using AWS Lambda. Once you’ve got a media stream object, you can parse it, extract frames, and use the JS fetch API to post them to a lambda endpoint (or whatever infrastructure/back-end you’re using; there are lots of serverless options now, so I’d recommend trying that).

You can’t run python code in your Bubble app, but using the API connector and possibly a plugin (which uses the javascript fetch API), you can connect to whatever you want.

If you decide to go this route, check out the image recognition tutorial I posted (Low Code AI - Tutorial 1 - Computer Vision With and AWS (Rekognition, Lambda, API Gateway) - YouTube). This should help with handling the data return and storage in your Bubble database.

Let me know if you need any help. Good luck!


Could this be done in realtime? For example the realtime video analysis is presented back to the user?