Running Subtotal Repeating Group

Hi ! I have done as much browsing through the internet for this answer and it doesnt appear to have come up before!

I am simply trying to keep a cash flow running total.

I have a data type called “Transactions” that stores each transaction a user makes… then tags them with “transaction number” “transaction listing order” “date of transaction” “month of transaction” “user” etc. for sorting later.

I want to show a repeating group that would have a text field for each line in the repeating group that would show a running total. I cant make heads or tails of what to enter to get it to show properly. I appreicate any help that can be provided.


Isn’t it (text field that says 8) Search for transaction's each item's trans-amount:sum (sum of every transaction in that repeating group) to display in every cell in the repeating group? If you don’t want to calculate at every cell, you can make it a custom state and just display it.

So thats fine for finding the sum of all the transactions grand total, however, what i’m looking for would be a running total of each transaction added to the previous one. the highlighted number in the picture shows the same formula you made refrence to, what i’d want to see is


I didn’t get what you want to see. You highlighted 8s in all cell. Do you want these numbers to be 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 instead of all 8s?

Yes exactly.

Then, in each cell, you will do this in the label: Search for transactions:items until#Current Cell's index:each item's trans-amount:sum

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Ok that’s quite helpful, however, I do have the items dragable so they can move them up and down the repeating group. I did this by using the draggable elements plug in.

I have an order number associated with each transaction that swaps the dragged transaction order number with the line that takes its place. Somehow its not chaning the running total when they get dragged around.

Picture shows the tally worked. (for future reference on simpler setups)

Second picture shows when I dragged the 5$ transaction up to the second spot, the totals do not update.

I jumped the gun. A simple Sort by “transaction order #” fixed it.


Thank you very much for your help!

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