Running workflow boolean

Hi everyone,

Could it be possible to have a boolean or state which is yes when a workflow is running on a page. I have a lot of workflows per page and implementing a loading animation in all of them is a lot of work. If you could have a workflow which runs an animation when this boolean is yes, you could implement such an animation way easier.



You mean like set states?

I mean something different. I wonder if there is a possibility or boolean to know if there are workflows running. I could set a state (like loading) in every workflow to yes or no, but as I said it is time intensive. Nice video though :slight_smile:

I see, how would you recommend having this set up? Just out of curiosity. What would it look like to you?

First option:
Just in the workflow tab under general, just like ‘Page is loaded’, an option like ‘A workflow is running’

Second option:
An assigned state to a certain page like ‘workflow is running’.

I could use it in the case of animation loaders, but there could be other possibilities with this option


That would be a nice feature. It would save on workflows. :+1:

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