S3 file url privacy

I would like to limit s3 files from data.
Right now the s3 file are publicly available for everyone to see and download given a url.
I know that you can limit access to s3 file but I also have an aws lambda automation that uses this url as a way to read and use the file.
Is there a way to use the file in aws when its private or access the file by a token?

Yes. Use API token to access the file the same way that if you was calling a backend WF for example. So activate API, create a new api key, and in the url, use api_token=YOURAPIKEY

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thank you,
we already have an access to the type with api token… but the url itself (the file) is still public.
how can I access the url itself by token?

Are you using an external S3?

If you set the file itself private, you will access it with the file url and ?api_key=

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no, just using the url from bubble data api.

adding the authentication in the url, is not working for us.
If it did work for you, can you give an example?

Sorry, make a mistake. The correct parameter is api_token, not api_key
Example: …fileurl.jpg?api_token=123456789


OMG, thank you for this :smiley: I’ve spent hours already trying to find an easy way to access private files :smiley:


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