Safari UI issues in iOS 13.1 Beta

Is anyone else having issue hiding the UI in Safari on iOS 13.1 Beta?

Normally I wouldn’t fret over an issue on a beta version of the software, however this is the GM release which means the public release next Friday will be the same.

In my case, I am launching the app as a full-screen web app using the following meta tags in the header section on the settings page.

Launching the app to the index page looks normal, however, I am having an issue where once I navigate away from my base URL to any other page in my app, Safari throws up a header with a “Done” link and a settings link. I know this is part of the new version of Safari in iOS 13, however I have not been able to find a way to suppress it and it does not seem to respect the setting in Bubble to hide the Safari UI.

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@derek1, I am facing the same issue. Have you found a workaround to this?

I have yet to find a workaround.

any workaround here?

The solution is to upgrade your bubble app into a Progressive Web App (PWA). It’s easy and free.

Follow these instructions