Safety: only access to data INSIDE company possible?

Hi all

My app is growing and I want to go live, but I have 1 challenge to go…

We want to registrations inside our company on all our production lines.
For that I need lines as “users”, so email"line number@company"
I want that these low level users only have access to our data when they are inside the company, to avoid unwanted acces to data “at home”

Is there a way to "when current user is role is “Line” and “Internet something” = “company internet”??

any options are welcome to test!

Thanks a lot for your thoughts!

@marco1 The solution from this post can work for your use case:

Hi Neerja

Interessting, but not what I was looking for…

I was looking around and saw “Geografic distance” and played a little…

When role is "line" Do every 5 seconds " go to page "No Access" Only when Current geographic position distance from "our factory GPS" >0,1 (km)

that solves the question!

Bubble: Nice stuff :wink: